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NUTS Neighborhood Bar and Grill

"To me, the chamber is networking. Networking is N.U.T.S. NUTS is Neighbors Uniting To Succeed."

Patti Patterson

Coldwell Gundaker

"By being involved in the MHCC my business has grown just with referrals! "

Daryl Bianco

P.S. RAPP Plumbing

"I've connected with people in the MHCC that has made my business take off! I love all the networking opportunities!"

Cecilia Soibel


"One of my largest accounts is a long time member of the MHCC. I've closed multiple accounts from leads through the MHCC. The more time and energy you give to others, the more you will receive."

Betty Kline

Electro Savings Credit Union

"The ole’ saying “What goes around, comes around”[or visa versa]-----it’s been a domino effect------I have referred MHCC Members, they in turn have referred me, the people I have helped based from that referral have turned around and recommended to their business and personal friends and family and the list goes on. Networking and building relationships within the Chamber is what it is all about, helping others succeed in the process! What an excellent way to strengthen our St Louis area community where we live and work! "

Pat Pettey